The New Dustbowl

Is California the new dustbowl? New York? Michigan? The evidence is really starting to mount. Fleeing from the usual consequences of liberal policy (confiscatory taxes, a stagnant economy, and social degradation) the number of people leaving such states for greener pastures in conservative states is staggering.

The IRS has figures that show over a quarter of a million left California for Texas and Oklahoma from 2004 to 2007. That’s more than twice as many as went there from these places in the 1930’s. Check that with the Sacramento Bee at if you don’t believe me.

According to a migration survey by United Van Lines New York is second on their list at 59.5 percent. The percentage of those moving out of New York has continued to rise during the past three years. This from the Business Review at

Michigan is just as bad, 11% of 600 people questioned in an EPIC-MRA Poll say they are likely or certain to leave in 5 years…that translates into roughly 600,000 people from the adult population. According to Craig Ruff, senior fellow at Public Sector Consultants Inc., “If we had a net loss of 600,000 people we would likely lose a seat in the United States House of Representatives.” This is from WZZM in Grand Rapids, MI. Check it out at

What have we learned about liberal rule?


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