More On Climate Change

I don’t think Greenpeace is a nonpartisan organization and I don’t want them bringing their nuisance lawsuits against people on my behalf. They don’t represent me or any of the people I know, so who are the “people” that they claim to represent. And they aren’t alone. There are many such groups claiming; first, tax exempt status as a “nonpartisan charitable foundation” even though they don’t deserve it, and second, “statutory authority” to bring lawsuits on behalf of the public, even though they don’t represent me or anyone I’ve talked to.

These good-for-nothing “acornesque” bands of fools wouldn’t be able to survive without the federal grants and tax breaks they receive at my expense and I, for one, would be happy to see them expire and fade away. The meager donations they do receive from well meaning but ill informed benefactors wouldn’t pay for a tiny fraction of their antics and probably are just enough to pay for someone to write them a convincing grant so they can get on the government dole.

It’s time we started taking our country back from these fools, and the way to do it is the same way they got it. A little bit at a time. Take a piece here and a piece there. You save a million dollars one cent at a time so let’s start taking and stop giving. So, the next time you can make even a small difference somewhere, DO IT! Don’t give to that fool charity, campaign against that gay candidate, e-mail your liberal representative frequently. Use up their resources so that they have to spend time responding to you instead of fact finding some liberal crap to force down your throat. To use their old catch phrase, “It’s for the children.”


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