I keep banging away on this climate change fairy tale because before too long it will be illegal to voice the truth about this. The greens are vicious nasty if you dare to criticize the science behind global warming or raise questions about the effectiveness and the purpose of global warming legislation. They liken us to Holocaust deniers and have even called for skeptics to be put on trail. People like James Hansen, a NASA scientist who says that coal company and oil company executives should be accused of crimes against humanity.

So, when do we begin to jail or execute global deniers? When this happens I will be a criminal or dead because I will continue to spew the TRUTH. GLOBAL WARMING IS A LIE! CLIMATE CHANGE IS A LIE! I have been alive long enough to experience a cycle. It seems to be about thirty five years. I remember in the sixties, it was hot as blazes. Then the seventies got colder into the eighties, so much so that the climate sages (the same ones that can’t tell you if it’s going to rain today or not) said we were going to have another ice age. Then the nineties, blazing hot again. And now, it seems to be cooling.

Don’t let them tax you for breathing.


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