I think the media loves chairman zero (Obama) but at the same time they’re afraid of him. They don’t want to stop taking his press conferences even though it’s costing millions of dollars because they don’t want to upset his delicate balance and get thrown off the airplane. I think this is true not only in DC, but also in the media that covers big business. If you ask a CEO a tough question you’ll never get to talk to him again.

This is why you can’t get an honest story from the mainstream media. If they start reporting the truth about what’s going on, their access will be discontinued and given to a less scrupulous individual. The problem is that there are so many less scrupulous individuals out there. There’s always some Stewart, Kourik or Colbert waiting to fill the void.

Do you think that it’s just the media that’s doing this or do you think maybe business is doing this too? To illustrate what I mean let’s take the Hummer as an example. Maybe part of the deal was to get rid of the gas guzzling icons. Hummer wasn’t  losing  money and it was snatched up by the chicoms (Chinese communists) right away. So maybe companies are making bad decisions because they are afraid of upsetting chairman zero’s delicate balance.

To solve this problem we need to stop patronizing the unscrupulous news channels. If they’re rewarded with viewers, why should they quit what they’re doing just because it’s wrong? Remember we’re dealing with unscrupulous individuals.


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