Corporate States of America

So the electric utilities are forced to buy billions of dollars of credits from the government, and these costs, because they are so immense, are passed on to consumers and our electric bills go up from 50% to 100% or more depending on where we live and what fuel is used to produce our electricity.

You’ve got corporate America in there pushing for this. Why would these companies want this? Because they’re going to make a ton of money because they make windmills and turbines and stuff. Goldman Sachs, for example, owns the exchanges where carbon credits would be traded. So they will be the broker for all these trades and make money off every transaction. Dow, Alcoa and DuPont, they want congress to basically give them money for reducing their CO2 emissions over the last 20 years as they move their operations offshore.

GE, Dow, Alcoa, Goldman Sachs and all the other U.S. climate action partnership companies are trying to get the best deal they can with the government.  Basically the government is giving them free money by giving them free credits. Meanwhile you and I foot the bill once again. Why are the libs playing nice with big business all of a sudden?


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