Climate Warming Global Change

Algore is a liar. He has lied to the House energy subcommittee about his financial interest in cap and trade. He denied that he had a financial interest in cap and trade and said that if he ever did make any money he would give it away. He is lobbying for legislation to make us poor and to make him rich, pure and simple.

As I understand it Algore has a company that invested $6 million into a software company that’s going to make cap and trade software. He’s personally invested $35 million in a variety of global climate changey thingy’s. He made this money from his inconvenient lie movie and the 175 large he gets for spewing his BS in a lecture.

The whole climate change thing is not about the environment, it’s about taking our freedom away. They won’t stop using coal or gas but they will force the businesses to get in line behind them, just like they did with GM. then it’s going to be just like a third world country, it almost is now, where everybody is so afraid of the government that when they have an election ninety percent of the people vote for the party in power because they fear the consequences of anything else.


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