I was listening to talk radio the other day and I heard of a plan, hatched in the sixties, to overburden the government with entitlement type programs until it collapsed and then to rebuild it with socialism. I wrote it down on my little pad in my truck so I would be able to find it later but do you think I can find it? I spent five hours looking for it and I still haven’t found anything even close. It’s time for me to post so here I am and I feel like I haven’t got a thing to support my story.

Then I remember that there is a certain American president out there doing just this thing, isn’t that amazing? Well, I’m flying by the seat of my pants here, without the aid of research articles but the basics of what I heard is that in the sixties there was a plan hatched to financially overburden the American government with so many entitlement programs that it would collapse. It seems like this might be going on right now, no? Then I hear of a plan by the Mexican government. Apparently they think the southwest belongs to them and they train their people to be illegals and be a burden on our government. Let’s see, social in-security is broke. Medicaid is broke. Medicare is broke. ADC, WIC, educational grants, all of it. Where is the money coming from? The chicoms (Chinese Communists)? We might be in trouble.


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