Does politics really need fixing, or is it working just fine? Can politics really be fixed? Does anybody know what is really wrong with politics? Maybe I could run a poll to see how many people really agree with the current administration.

No that wouldn’t work because anybody that would read this page would probably not like the current administration. so my results would be skewed. What’s that you say? How could the results of a poll with a simple question possibly be skewed? Ah, I’m glad you asked.

Scared you didn’t I? No, I’m not going to spend forty five minutes of your time reiterating things that I’m sure you are aware of. The fact is that sixty seven percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. Yeah, that one was. But how do you know. Google it? I did, and I got two answers. 42.7 and 47.3. Do you think they made those up?

That is pretty misleading, don’t you think. If nearly half of all the statistics that get spewed at you everyday are fabricated on the spot and the other half are from skewed polls, why do we even listen?


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