The war on drugs. Man they fed that line to us didn’t they? What they actually did was remove the small time pushers with the good stuff to make room for the big time pushers with the crummy stuff. “Big Drugs”, as I like to call the pharmaceutical companies, have been pumping money into DC for decades to make sure that natural medications stay illegal so they can have a monopoly on medication. The laws that made things like marijuana illegal also make the natural healers illegal. The problem for big drugs is that they don’t get as much money if it’s a natural product such as an opiate or even aspirin. But, they really clean up on man made crap like motrin, ibuprophin and fluoride. WHAT? Yeah, fluoride (More on this later).

Drug pushers are getting as much time as murderers and rapists, does that make sense? What really gets me is that if you watch TV you will see that about thirty percent of the ads are for some kind of man made drug. Enzyte, Zymbalta, Lyrica, (Do they consult the Grimm’s Fairy Tale people for these names?) Then they reel off a whole spew of side effects. I was taking so many pills at one time that I had no idea what was happening. Then a friend brought it to my attention that some of these pills may be causing the problems that others were solving. I immediately stopped all medication and got with my doctor to make a new plan. I now take between zero and three pills a day compared to twenty seven at the peak.

How many tax dollars are flushed down this hole every day? It’s a money grab from both ends. These elected officials in DC have been grabbing from both ends now for as long as I can remember. What do they say about burning the candle at both ends? Shouldn’t that also apply to grabbing the money at both ends? Time to burn these thieves who really care nothing for our health.


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