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The Big Three

May 20, 2009

You are fifteen years old. Let’s make a bet, one thousand dollars and I’ll give you one hundred to one odds that you don’t die this year. Pretty good odds, huh? If you die I give you one hundred thousand dollars.

When you pay me after the first year I go to the mayor and give him fifty so he makes it a law that you have to make this bet year after year or else you can’t come out of your house. Still OK with the bet?

The next year I give him another fifty to make it a law that you have to pay up front.  How are you liking the bet now? Is it still OK or is it getting sticky?

The following year I give the mayor fifty and have him make it a law that everybody has to make this bet or they can’t come out of their house. He does it but he can see where there is a lot of money to be made and he wants his brother in on it. The law doesn’t say who they have to make the bet with so his brother begins taking these bets as well as me and others.

We make so much money that we give the mayor ten thousand and all he has to do is make it a law that you and the rest of the people have to eat healthy and get a check up once a month. Hey, it’s a good idea for your health and safety anyway so he does it. Another ten thousand and he makes a law that you have to be in a neon orange Kevlar bio-bubble every time you leave the house, he’s in so deep now he just takes his money and does what we tell him.

When you turn sixty-five I stop making the bet with you and you can’t find anyone else who will make the bet with you, but the law says you have to so you get a guy to help you take me to court. He says he will help you if you give him fifty percent of what he is able to get from me. You agree and you get a liberal judge who grants you the original fifty thousand you paid me. But you have to give the guy who helped you half. You end up with half what you paid me but I am still making the bet with your children and their children and so on.

It may sound simplified and twisted but now we have just covered corrupt politicians, insurance companies and the judicail system. Pretty much the big three at screwing things up. It seems that every time I get tangled up with one of these I end up more screwed than when I started. Sometimes I think if I went to court dead it would somehow get worse while I was there.

Climate Again

May 19, 2009

They’re at it again. Now Chairman Zero is dictating mileage and emissions standards. That’s right he is again telling states what they can and can’t do. Only this time they seem to all be going along with it. From the big rino Schwarzenegger to the Canadian Democrat Granholm. In an article from the AP, Jennifer Loven wrote, “Under the mileage-and-emissions compromise that Obama built, traditional enemies came together.” Obama built? What is this an Obamagasm? The entire article reads like that.

Carbon dioxide again. They are going to tax you just to breath. It’s coming, that’s what they want. Everybody laughed in the late sixties and early seventies when people said that they would be paying for water. That’s right, water used to be free and clean. You could not have charged somebody for it, they would have laughed you out of town. Hard to believe now isn’t it. I have a well and I drink the free clean water that comes from it. I won’t touch that toxic stuff in the bottles and I’m not going to pay to breath.

The mileage part is just as stupid. You will be getting better mileage driving your putt-putt, as Limbaugh likes to call them. But you will spend just as much, if not more. Once they miss the taxes from all the gas they will begin to raise taxes to make up for lost revenue. Heard that before? Then they will be into you for even more. I heard an amount put out somewhere out there of 81% taxes. I can’t recall where maybe you can Google it, but they were saying that is where we need to be right now just to stay even. They are going to get those taxes from somewhere, you can bet on it. They are not listening to us. They are running however they want. And we are being taxed without representation. TAXED WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!


May 18, 2009

When my ancestors came here they were not greeted with open arms and signs in their native language. They were told to learn the language and get to work. They actually built the road to the farm where my Grandma lives to this day. The present administration is telling a far different story than the one they are practicing. You can imagine my surprise when I saw this story from the AP.

2 Adult Students Taken Into Custody At White House

4 days ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two people facing deportation from the United States have been taken into custody at the White House gate. They had arrived for a tour of the executive mansion.

The pair was part of an adult education program, and a routine background check showed they had an outstanding immigration order against them.

White House spokesman Nick Shapiro says they were taken into custody Thursday morning before they entered the compound.

All White House visitors are required to undergo a U.S. Secret Service background check. Shapiro says agents discovered the problems and informed immigration officials, according to protocol.

Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Should we accept these people into our neighborhoods to live next to our children when Chairman Zero won’t even let them look at his house. Call a spade a spade, these people are, by the fact of being here, breaking the law, they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

Politically correct is at best wrong. I’m a Native American and I do not care that the team is called the Braves or Indians okay. I’m also German, French, Welch, Dutch and I don’t know what else. It doesn’t matter, I was born here, I’m an American first, the rest is just history. As for being a Native American we are a conquered people. Therefore our future is dictated by the people that conquered us, Tough, huh? Why didn’t this happen when we conquered Japan, Italy and Germany?

I say build the wall tall and thick and guard it well. Bring the troops home from these God forsaken third world holes that hate us and put them on the wall. And tighten that north border as well.

Two Party System

May 17, 2009

Are you a Democrat? Are you a Republican? I’m not a member of any political party and I haven’t been for almost thirty years. So you can imagine my horror when I found out that my tax dollars were paying for all the hoopla that goes on at election time. Why should I have to pay for the Democratic primary? Why should I have to pay for the Republican primary. If they can’t figure out who to run good. Thomas Jefferson said, “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

In my state at least the Republican primary is open so I can stroll in and vote for the least of the evils but the Democrat primary is closed and I still have to foot the bill for both. This is something  I don’t believe in and abhor.

Also, when did it change so that we had to elect a President and Vice-President as as an inseparable cluster? Originally he with the most votes became President and the runner up was Vice-President. A much more workable result I think. Gore would have made a much better second for Bush 2 I think. However that probably would not have been the case as Bush 1 would have been Clinton’s VP. You can see how this might have altered history somewhat as you extrapolate back. Who would have been Kennedy’s VP. Who would have been Roosevelt’s and so on back to when the law was changed. How would history have been different?

In case you are wondering if I’m just speculating or if this really did happen it was the Twelfth Amendment that caused this change, shortly before the 1804 election. Check that one out.


May 16, 2009

Are you a union man? When I used to work in the factories I was asked that question a lot. I was raised in the sixties when we were in a cold war with the UNION of Soviet Socialist Republics. Now I am watching my country being turned into the Union of Socialist States of America. I do belong to a credit union. I once belonged to the International Brotherhood of Chauffeurs and Warehousemen of America. I also belonged to two different branches of the United Auto Workers. I didn’t think much of them at the time, I was probably more management material than a union man.

Some years later my views began to change. Big business was running rampant. I didn’t really want to have anything to do with big business or unions. I had the view that they deserved each other. It was what I call a “who cares fight”, you don’t really care who wins, just so they fight long and hard and do a lot of damage to each other. Maybe that was short sighted. Maybe the damage they have done to each other is culminating in this mess we are seeing today. Maybe we will not come out of this predicament.

Then again, maybe this is just what we need. Perhaps Obama is more cunning than we originally thought. One hundred years ago there were over a hundred car companies in America, all healthy. Google it, you’ll be amazed. Stanley, Stutz, La Salle, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Ford, Buick, Lincoln, Chevrolet, Mercury and many more. All separate little companies producing products locally and causing communities to thrive. Then the megalomaniacs got in the business and the smaller companies were either swallowed up by the bigger ones or systematically put out of business.

I have always thought it would be nice to have a small company churning out a couple hundred cars a year. Maybe this could come to be. I don’t think that would be such a bad thing. We’ll need to get the government out of the business, but once they drive GM and Chrysler into the ground I think the American people will see through the shroud of secrecy and throw them out. Then entrepreneurs from all over America could begin new and maybe we will see a whole new crop of options to choose from. Might as well look for some kind of silver lining in this cloud of doom.


May 15, 2009

I’m a member of the working class. My parents are members of the working class. Their parents are members of the working class. All our friends and relatives are members of the working class. We work. We produce something of value. We do it all day, five, six and seven days a week. Eight, ten, twelve hours a day. Then we send a good portion of that off to DC. What do we get in return.

The conservatives tell us what is good for business is good for us. Then they give big business anything they want as business greases their palms. The liberals tell us that big business is raping us but the government will save us. Then they turn around and cater to any special interest that will slip them a few bucks. They both say they are looking out for our best interest, but nothing they do helps us. Yet we always seem to foot the bill for it.

Who IS looking out for our best interest? Barney Frank? Chris Dodd? Dick Cheney? I think we might be on our own here. When the founding fathers set this thing up we were all supposed sacrifice and take time off from our real job to get elected and go do our civic duty. When it was over we were supposed to return to the private sector and our real jobs. The idea was not that one person would get elected over and over and over. Career politicians were an abomination to them.

When I hear a politician say they have been serving for 20, 30 or 40 years I just have to wonder, serving who? They will tell you the people of the state of such and such but I rather think they have been serving themselves. And serving themselves quite nicely with heaping portions of our tax dollars as well as any booty they could cultivate along the way. That’s how it always seems to come out when they get caught. They come into the system poor and in debt to all the special interest groups who made it all possible. Then they proceed to cultivate their wealth from the American people, never actually producing anything of value. What happened?

Social security and medicare? They don’t care about it. They voted themselves health care and retirement for life, paid for by you and insured by AIG? Is that bailout starting to make sense? We need to take it all back. When they have to make their own fortune we won’t have to work until July to support them. That’s right, at last tally, July fourth is tax independence day too.

How do we solve this problem? I can see an individual going from governor to senator to president. It just makes sense that you would like someone in the presidents chair with a little experience in affairs of state. But to stagnate in one office for thirty years. How is that doing any good? Perhaps it’s time for term limits. The elected don’t seem to have sense enough to grow and move or drop out and go back to the car wash they came from so maybe we need to push them along. I don’t know, what do you think. Feel free to leave me comments.


May 14, 2009

I’m not a prude and I’m not a pervert. I’m not going to tell you about the things I do and I really don’t want to hear about what you do. It’s none of my business and mine is none of yours. The thought of two men or two women in love is not a pretty picture to me. I don’t want to hear about Heather’s two mommies and I certainly don’t want my kids schooled in such things.

When Rhett Butler uttered those words his foot slipped. He grabbed the guy closest to him who grabbed the next guy and so on down the slippery slope we went. Porn don’t belong at the local matinee next to the latest kids movie or on broadcast television. Sexual relations should be between a man and a woman but (and I feel dirty saying it) I will concede you almost anything between consenting adults, but it should be the business of the parties involved. Period. Not fodder at the water cooler, not pictures you put on the internet and most certainly not something you have a pride parade about. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

This is the foundation of my belief, it’s not that I hate homos, it’s that I don’t want to hear about what they do. I don’t like it when a young couple is necking in the park for my children to watch. Everyone of these people should be jailed for public indecency, what has happened to modesty? This sexual revolution has gone way too far. Our children are growing up exposed to soft porn almost constantly. Young people with raging hormones dressing scantily and viewing soft porn. It’s a wonder we don’t have rape clubs. Or do we? I have read some disturbing things in recent years. Google it and see what you find. There is not even legislation regarding this that I know of. But there should be. One step to taking our country back.

Gun Rights

May 13, 2009

The problem here is that the meanings of words change. Gay meant something far different in 1920 than it does now. My grandfather used to tell me what a “gay blade” he was. I used to think that he really should not brag about that.

Many people swear by the King James version (KJ) of the Bible but do they really know what they are swearing by. A very learned man once told me that the New International Version (NIV) was a more correct translation. I thought this was strange coming from such an educated man of God since I had been raised on KJ, by him. When I questioned him about this he explained that the NIV was recently translated from the original scriptures by people who not only spoke and wrote the original languages fluently but also had studied the time periods during which they were written. I found this strange. So, I questioned him on why it would be so important the translators had studied the time when certain scriptures were written. He replied with that same sentence, ‘The meanings of words change.”

You’re probably wondering, “Gay? Bible? Where is this guy going with this?” Well, when the Constitution was written words, such as “regulated” and “militia”, had a different meaning than they do today. They did not have a national guard or standing army, Thomas Jefferson said when speaking of banks, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…”. More dangerous than standing armies? What do you suppose he meant by that? Militia did not have the evil stigma attached like it does today. The militia of the day was the local farmer, baker, blacksmith, banker, and handyman grabbing their guns and heading to the fair grounds for a drill. Regulated meant functioning and well regulated, as stated in the Constitution meant functioning well.

As you can see the framers of the Constitution meant for the people to keep firearms and practice with them. Thomas Jefferson said, “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” He also said, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

Study these things. Look into it. But don’t take too long. A serious assault on your right to keep and bear arms is HR 45, Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act. It has only been introduced  at this time but it needs to be killed. It has several unconstitutional sections but some highlights are; mandates licensing of all firearms, registration and safe storage (it provides for inspection so you get to surrender your fourth amendment rights as well), and to top off your felony status you must inform the federal government if you change addresses.

Look into this now, and nag your representatives constantly until it is dead. Owning a firearm is not a luxury like owning a car or a motorcycle. It is a right. One that “shall not be infringed”.

Climate Change

May 12, 2009

One of the most dangerous threats to our Liberty at this time is climate change. Back in the sixties and seventies I can remember being told that we would freeze to death. The planet was heading into an ice age. I can recall Carl Sagan in his best story telling voice speaking of  “millions of years ago” as if he were there. He was great to listen to but the science was flawed.

Dr. Charles D. Keeling, the scientist whose measurements showed a carbon-dioxide buildup in the atmosphere and triggered fears of global warming, known as the father of global warming, even rejected the findings and disregarded the theory as ridiculous. One of his pupils, however, did not. He became obsessed with it and made it his life’s work. To date over 31,000 scientists have rejected global warming. I’m not making this stuff up, Google it.

This student, with no scientific credentials, continues to push this theory, with wild adaptations when the weather refuses to go along with his predictions. Now, apparently, the increases in the polar ice and cooler global temperatures prove that this is happening (not reported by any media, you will have to dig for this information). And to make his case he refuses to debate anyone on this issue. Does this sound odd?

Another thing I find odd is that fossil fuels are said to cause this “global warming” with all the carbon-dioxide they are putting in the air. If you’ll think back to third grade science humans breathe in oxygen and breath out carbon-dioxide. Is that right? Internal combustion engines put out carbon-monoxide. Are these gasses different? Do an experiment. Warn them first, then kiss someone on the lips and suck the breath out of them. Then attach a hose and suck on the tailpipe of a car and see if it’s the same.

Don’t suck on that tailpipe it may kill you. I’m not trying to be stupid here. I just want to let you know that the federal government is preparing to pass laws regarding this that will cost you plenty. And it’s all based on this junk science. Cap and Trade will put you in the poor house. Don’t trust me, look into this. Do something about it now, as it will shortly be too late. Contact your representatives in DC and voice your opposition. By the way, the student? Al Gore.


May 12, 2009

I spent my entire life watching the freedom of the people of the United States of America slowly chipped away by unknown sources I did not understand. From time to time I would kick back with little or no progress. Finally I decided to do something, no matter how small. This site is the result of that decision. Until our rights are restored in full, I die, or circumstances beyond my control prohibit it, I will continue to post information and articles of interest on this issue. Again welcome to Liberty View.