Newspapers. I remember when I was a kid looking for a job, wow, the Sunday paper had it all. Get that fat boy and go through the classifieds and you had a job by Monday afternoon. Apparently the news wasn’t too bad either. Man those were the days.

Lately every time I pick up a newspaper I can’t believe what I’m reading. I’ve experienced this first hand. A small town local newspaper where everybody knew everybody and they could not, would not, did not, print it as it happened. I was amazed. The liberal rhetoric and biased lies passing for news these days never ceases to amaze me. I really can’t even pick one up and browse through it without becoming enraged. I can almost see why people would get their news from a fool like Jon Stewart.

Let newspapers go out of business. It’s the free market. If something can’t compete in the free market it goes away. In this case I say, no great loss. They have been filling us full of liberal lies for twenty five years now so it’s about time the reaper caught up with them.

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