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Campaign Finance Reform

May 27, 2009

By the time a candidate gets into office they are so indebted to all the entities that made it possible that they can’t possibly do what they came to do. Big oil, environmentalists, unions, gay rights, even foreign entities are contributing to these campaigns. This begs the question, how much does someone really need to run for office? Let’s take the President of the United States of America. I feel that if they only had say three hundred thousand dollars to campaign with that we would hear a lot less mudslinging and a whole lot more of the positive that they intend to do. Added bonus, they would all wait until the last minute to put their ads on so that they were the last one we heard from before we voted. No more two year ad-a-thon of lies about the other side.

I think another fine idea would be that they can only get the money from American citizens and no more than one hundred dollars per citizen. If you can’t find three thousand people to give you a hundred dollars each, maybe you shouldn’t be in the race. This would also eliminate the candidate being indebted to the the gay rights advocate once he is in office. I think I could get three thousand people to contribute. This would put a whole new slant on politics wouldn’t it?