Water Rights

When you buy land what comes with it? Do you just get the surface? Does it go ten feet down? Twenty feet down? How far? What if there are pipes or cables there? What if your neighbors tree hangs over.

Real estate law says it goes to the center of the Earth and extends into space. You own all that, dirt, air, oil, water, coal and gold. You can sell some of these things and reduce your interest in the real estate, such as mineral rights, air space and easements. Easements will allow for cables and pipes under your land. If someone puts a pipe accross your land without an easement you can cut it. You can trim your neighbors tree if it hangs onto your airspace.

But now the U.S. government is trying to pull a fast one on you as we speak. They are trying to pass a law to take your water, with no compensation and tax you as well. Check this video then e-mail your representative and senators to let them know how you feel.



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2 Responses to “Water Rights”

  1. Elle Wood Says:

    Selling mineral rights is a lengthy process. Determining if you indeed have the rights to the minerals under your surface property is crucial. Looking over your closing papers and deeds is the first step. Doing a search of your acquisition deed at the county clerks’ office is the next step. The final step in determining your mineral rights is to do a reverse paper trail search through the Direct/Vendor Index.

  2. Rick Schroeder Says:

    In most States water under (and even non-navigable water on) your land are part of the deal unless otherwise stated. Normally if these rights have been sold it will be recorded by the County Clerk and would be revealed by the title search done at the time of sale. Mineral rights are a bit more stealthy because gas companies were buying them up in bulk back in the sixties and seventies and they spread a lot of money around to streamline the process. However, most of those deals had a time limit of between thirty and fifty years and mineral rights are starting to revert to the landowners now with no fight from the gas companies, as drilling is nearly verbotten now.

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