Climate Again

They’re at it again. Now Chairman Zero is dictating mileage and emissions standards. That’s right he is again telling states what they can and can’t do. Only this time they seem to all be going along with it. From the big rino Schwarzenegger to the Canadian Democrat Granholm. In an article from the AP, Jennifer Loven wrote, “Under the mileage-and-emissions compromise that Obama built, traditional enemies came together.” Obama built? What is this an Obamagasm? The entire article reads like that.

Carbon dioxide again. They are going to tax you just to breath. It’s coming, that’s what they want. Everybody laughed in the late sixties and early seventies when people said that they would be paying for water. That’s right, water used to be free and clean. You could not have charged somebody for it, they would have laughed you out of town. Hard to believe now isn’t it. I have a well and I drink the free clean water that comes from it. I won’t touch that toxic stuff in the bottles and I’m not going to pay to breath.

The mileage part is just as stupid. You will be getting better mileage driving your putt-putt, as Limbaugh likes to call them. But you will spend just as much, if not more. Once they miss the taxes from all the gas they will begin to raise taxes to make up for lost revenue. Heard that before? Then they will be into you for even more. I heard an amount put out somewhere out there of 81% taxes. I can’t recall where maybe you can Google it, but they were saying that is where we need to be right now just to stay even. They are going to get those taxes from somewhere, you can bet on it. They are not listening to us. They are running however they want. And we are being taxed without representation. TAXED WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!


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