Two Party System

Are you a Democrat? Are you a Republican? I’m not a member of any political party and I haven’t been for almost thirty years. So you can imagine my horror when I found out that my tax dollars were paying for all the hoopla that goes on at election time. Why should I have to pay for the Democratic primary? Why should I have to pay for the Republican primary. If they can’t figure out who to run good. Thomas Jefferson said, “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

In my state at least the Republican primary is open so I can stroll in and vote for the least of the evils but the Democrat primary is closed and I still have to foot the bill for both. This is something  I don’t believe in and abhor.

Also, when did it change so that we had to elect a President and Vice-President as as an inseparable cluster? Originally he with the most votes became President and the runner up was Vice-President. A much more workable result I think. Gore would have made a much better second for Bush 2 I think. However that probably would not have been the case as Bush 1 would have been Clinton’s VP. You can see how this might have altered history somewhat as you extrapolate back. Who would have been Kennedy’s VP. Who would have been Roosevelt’s and so on back to when the law was changed. How would history have been different?

In case you are wondering if I’m just speculating or if this really did happen it was the Twelfth Amendment that caused this change, shortly before the 1804 election. Check that one out.


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