Climate Change

One of the most dangerous threats to our Liberty at this time is climate change. Back in the sixties and seventies I can remember being told that we would freeze to death. The planet was heading into an ice age. I can recall Carl Sagan in his best story telling voice speaking of  “millions of years ago” as if he were there. He was great to listen to but the science was flawed.

Dr. Charles D. Keeling, the scientist whose measurements showed a carbon-dioxide buildup in the atmosphere and triggered fears of global warming, known as the father of global warming, even rejected the findings and disregarded the theory as ridiculous. One of his pupils, however, did not. He became obsessed with it and made it his life’s work. To date over 31,000 scientists have rejected global warming. I’m not making this stuff up, Google it.

This student, with no scientific credentials, continues to push this theory, with wild adaptations when the weather refuses to go along with his predictions. Now, apparently, the increases in the polar ice and cooler global temperatures prove that this is happening (not reported by any media, you will have to dig for this information). And to make his case he refuses to debate anyone on this issue. Does this sound odd?

Another thing I find odd is that fossil fuels are said to cause this “global warming” with all the carbon-dioxide they are putting in the air. If you’ll think back to third grade science humans breathe in oxygen and breath out carbon-dioxide. Is that right? Internal combustion engines put out carbon-monoxide. Are these gasses different? Do an experiment. Warn them first, then kiss someone on the lips and suck the breath out of them. Then attach a hose and suck on the tailpipe of a car and see if it’s the same.

Don’t suck on that tailpipe it may kill you. I’m not trying to be stupid here. I just want to let you know that the federal government is preparing to pass laws regarding this that will cost you plenty. And it’s all based on this junk science. Cap and Trade will put you in the poor house. Don’t trust me, look into this. Do something about it now, as it will shortly be too late. Contact your representatives in DC and voice your opposition. By the way, the student? Al Gore.


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